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Katie. 21, Canadian. Writer/University Student. Literature, music, films, history. Album I'm Currently Digging: Sunbathing Animal (Parquet Courts). Current Novel: A Wild Sheep Chase (Haruki Murakami).

My girlfriend and I slow danced to Empire Empire’s song Ribbon in our living room the other night and it was an incredible moment. Their new album is so full of life.

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corn + coconut milk + green onion

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Mister Lies - Deepend

Mister Lies’ sophomore LP, Shadow, will be out via Orchid Tapes on Oct 28th!

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Prawn - Kingfisher

First Pressing | Topshelf Records | TSR111 | Black (180g) | 100

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"Oh, why did I do that? Why does everything collapse, even when it’s glued together? Hey, why did I do that? I make everything collapse, even when it’s glued together."

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Ghost Cat - Cave Sounds

First Pressing | Fake Art Fake Music | FAR-003 | Coke Bottle Clear | 175

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Here is a video of me playing I Buried A Bone by Blind Pilot

Thanks ferine and smoke-stungeyes for the request!

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To Be Alone With You || Sufjan Stevens

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